Chair & Treasurer
J. Bedford Monday, Jr., CTP
Zone Warehouse Manager, DSD
The Schwan Food Company
12520 General Drive
Charlotte, NC 28273
Office: (678)613-2562
Fax: (770)932-6513
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Bill Hartman

Vice-Chair, Chair-Elect
Bill Hartman, CTP
Fleet Director
NEP Broadcasting

2 Beta Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Office: (412) 310-1927
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Gary L. Strausbaugh

Gary L. Strausbaugh, CTP
Vice President, Transportation
The Mennel Milling Company

128 W. Crocker Street
P.O. Box 806
Fostoria OH, 44830-0806
Office: (419)435-8151 x202
Fax: (419)436-5150
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President & CEO
Gary Petty
National Private Truck Council
950 N. Glebe Road, Suite 530
Arlington VA, 22203-4183
Office: (703)838-8876
Fax: (703)683-1217
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